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Who says I ain't green?

Using only re-pourposed material, I cobbled together this welding table!

Aluminium angle bars and an aluminum table with a stainless steel top. Absolutely tank. I sat on it and it didn't flinch. I could sit Gen's engine on top of it no sweat. I just clamp the ground to it and weld on its steel surface. Cost of materials? Twelve bucks.

People who know how to weld have a better chance to survive the apocalypse than people who don't. Gospel.

So, I welded!

With more scrap lying around I made a little shop widget. When I'm done I can hang my compressor air hose from it. It started out as a straight piece of pipe and cut it twice and welded them together. This is the first time I've joined two pieces of metal. Coulda been worse, I suppose.

This is practice for welding on Gauthier's truck, which will be practice for welding on Gen.

But wait, there's more.

In 1981, someone gave me this first aid kit. It was 25 years old then. I used it exclusively for sometime, all the while thinking the paint on it was mostly lead based. I never licked it because of that reason.

Over the years the paint began to peel and I stopped using it. It sat and rusted.

I found it in the garage. Its seals were still good and it was air tight. Just a little rust. A perfect shop first aid kit.

So, donning my dust mask I took a wire brush to it and took it down to base metal. Primed it, and sprayed it with a nice, antique white.

Once it dries, I'll spray on a nice red cross and fill it once again with bandages and antiseptic.

See? I'm doing my part to save the planet.

Oh, and I fixed the door on Gen.
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