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What's your plan

I think I was a little more riled than I thought about the response to this last Super Storm. The State responded wonderfully. The power company's did a sensational job. The peepoles? Not so much.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, will you be ready?

Here's the thing about zombies. There won't be any warning. There'll just be this guy stumbling down the street and you'll cautiously step over to him and ask if he's alright and then he'll try to eat your head. You duck and weave and get outta there and run home and then what? What's the plan? Hunker down? Go to shelter?

The time to think about these things is RIGHT NOW!

I had person after person come up to me in the middle of the storm and ask, 'Where's the emergency shelter?'

I told them, all the while thinking to myself, shouldn't you have planned this out earlier? Didn't you hear the warnings?

Well, zombies don't give warnings. You need to be zombie survival ready at all times.

So today, the government was handing out MRE's. These are Meals Ready to Eat. They come in air tight plastic bags and last 5 to 7 years.


So I was spreading the word and one guy said to me, 'Duh, the supermarket is open.' I replied, 'Duh, this is food that your taxes already paid for. It's your food. You should go collect it and Double Duh, it's not to eat now, store in the cellar for the NEXT BIG STORM. It will keep for YEARS.'

Do you have a 2d map of your area in the car? In case your GPS goes down, knowing the back roads may save your life.

Do you have pets? Do you have carriers for them handy? What about their shot records. Some shelters require those. That's stuff you'll need in your go bag for when you gotta vamoose fast. Can food? Those last years. Can you feed your family for 48 hours without electricity?

Does your plan have a back up plan? Does your back up plan have a contingency? If all else fails, what's your plan of escape. You should have one and if you don't, now is a great time to come up with one. Waiting for the storm warming is the WORST time to try and buy a generator. Even a small one can be a life saver, even if it is to charge the phone. Communication is vital in times of crisis.

Here's what we know; Zombies are coming! Here's what we don't know; Are You Ready?
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