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Ow, Owa, Owiee, Owemos, Owen.

Imagine, if you will; a broom handle worn smooth from the leather skinned crones that wielded it, being shoved into your left kidney by a cantankerous ogre of ill repute who is wearing rocket boots, jets ablaze, and a might surprised that he can't simply shove the stick through you to properly pin you to the wall comprised entirely of cracked beaver teeth and rusted nails.

My back is out and refuses to get back in. I've been out from work since yesterday and this will continue until tomorrow at the least. I am at that stage where I cannot stand, sit, lie, walk, or move for more than 5 minutes at a time which makes trying to sleep a slow motion Chinese Acrobat routine where all the performers are on fresh hewed mountain opium.

Makes you right grumpy.

Today's accomplishment was that I made a pot of Steel Cut Oats. Sounds sinister and manly. Takes thirty minutes to prepare so I don't suggest you try this as you're rushing out the door five minutes late for work/school/doctor's appointment. It tastes okay and I imagine it's somehow good for you.

I'm wriggling around in my chair which is the sixty second warning bell meaning I have to get up, walk around for five minutes and plop back down. Excuse me.

Returned. I stood up and read part of the 2nd edition Common Errors in English Usage. I'm shocked that it does not mention the biggest error of them all: Used to stop Hitler in Europe while we Americans got our act together. P'raps that's covered in the 1st edition. It did mention alot and a lot. Useful thing to know if I'm ever confronted by alot of Nazis.

To say the least, back pain is a brand of misery reserved for the 5th plane of Hell. I wish I knew what sin I committed so that I can repent. And repent I would. And how!

I am thinking level 5 of Hell is most likely grammar related.
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