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The Christmas season starts today

When it comes to gifts on Christmas, I am a pain in the Gluteus Maximus. So, this year, to alleviate this annual dilemma, I made a decent list of things that Santa should consider on my behalf. If you would like to peek at this list, I gave it to Roc the Dragonslayer. He isn't on LJ, or Facebook, or Tweet, or any form of social communication, like, e-mail. He does not answer his phone. He reads letters, but will never respond.
Yes, I'm still a PIA. But, I am a recovering PIA. One day at a time.

Okay, to make life easier, let me mention things that I CANNOT USE!
Amazon Gift Certs. I still have one from June I haven't used.

Anything Japanese. I'm good, really. Stuff's piling up.

Nick-nacks, statues, collectables,toys or other things that will collect dust.

Books. I'm on Kindle now. If you can send me fiction books on Kindle, then we might have something.

Anything battery operated. Drills, tools, Christmas ornaments. Unless it is a flashlight, battery stuff is a mark of Bill Gates and are therefor evil. Mark my words, batteries will be the death of this planet right after emt_hawk's evil plan to destroy the Earth with Bio-fuel. Bio-fuel=Bill Gates. And Bill Gates is the symbol of the end of days.

No battery operated Christmas Ornaments. I dislike battery stuff so much I have to have a sub category for it. There is no greater Christmas Sadness than a battery operated Christmas tree ornament.

Things I CAN use.
Anything from Duluth Trading Chest size 50, waist 42, hands L-XL
Anything from Mid-America Motorworks
Anything from Eastern Mountain Sports
Anything for a workshop.
I need a bench grinder.
A good set of ratcheting box wrenches in Metric and SAE. BUT NOT CRAFTSMAN.
One of these

So, I hope this can be of some use to you all. Love!
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