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Winter survival

Expecting the unexpected is not as easy as it seems. A forty story flea monster is attacking the city, good thing we had all of your buildings decked out in flea collars last week!

Being prepared means practice. The time to learn to build a fire is when you don't need a fire.

The surprise snow fall yesterday gave me a great opportunity to break out my winter equipment and give it a good run through. I was very happy to see that my water proof pants and jacket were great and most importantly still fit. I did have a major overheating problem and I was sweating like the dickens. I immediately switched out my parka to a waterproof wind breaker which did help, but wasn't enough. I tried venting, layering down, could not figure out what was wrong.

I retreated back into the house and pulled off my wool sweater. It was soaked. How the heck was this happening? Wool doesn't act this way.

I checked the tag to see the wool% to other % and made an amazing discovery.

It was 100%.


Really? A cotton sweater? Who even makes that? What is the practical application of a 100% cotton sweater? And, how did I wind up with a cotton sweater?

For those who don't know, in the world of adventure and camping and backpacking cotton kills. It soaks moisture and keeps it for you, chilling you to the bone. Hypothermia sets in and you're dead. Just like that. Ugh!

So I switched out for my wooly pully, 75% wool, 25% poly. Much better! World of difference!

So I have in mind what to get in preparation for our Maine camping trip in February. This was a good test!
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