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Continued prep for the big freeze.

I'm not a believer. I have become amazingly cynical, to wit, I believe no picture, no quote, no story, unless I'm standing right there witnessing the event with my own senses. Even then I'm skeptical. My senses have no reason to lie to me, but they have no reason to NOT lie to me. My senses could have a sick sense of humor for all I know.

So when someone said that this high tech artificial wool will keep me warm with no bulk I didn't believe it.

Tonight I suited up. mid-weight next to skin Smartwool (tm) and waterproof windbreakers. Two layers of smartwool socks and insulated boots, 400 gram. My trusty wool cap and wool scarf. Big ski gloves.

10 degrees with a couple inches of snow and a 5-10 mile per hour wind.

And it's night. Midnight to be precise, give or take a precise.

Suiting up I found that I had to do that quickly as I began to heat up with even the thin layers that I was wearing. Once outside I did very well during my light stretching exercise. Once on the walking track I did a brisk mile and a half with no problems. The wind was killer and I pulled the scarf up to cover exposed skin. Trudging along I found a few moments when I had to vent to keep dry. The smart wool did as promised. It dried nearly instantly. My toes were warm, fingers warm, color me impressed.

So, Smartwool, or Merlino, is brilliant stuff. I can't imagine how stupid cold it has to be to need heavy weight smartwool. Get yours today!
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