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Dream analysis, please

For the first time in 5 days I laid down and actually fell asleep. Previously I would lie awake listening to the whistling in my bubbling lungs, trying to pick out a tune, but sometime last night between 0411hrs and 0604hrs, I fell into real REM sleep.

Here's what happened.

I was Adolph Hitler's personal bodyguard.

No, seriously. It was at that point by the end of the war that he trusted no one and he had no friends and everyone was out to kill him. I was an undercover CIA operative posing as an East Indian because he had promised them freedom of British rule if they went along with his plans. My orders was to stay close to him and wait for the extraction signal so he could be captured and brought to trial in Wyoming. I also have to keep him away from the Soviets who want him filled with bullets.

Are you all with me so far?

We're doing an inspection of blown up buildings at night because that's the only safe time to move about. He's looking around at a machine factory that was put back together after it had been bombed. While Hitler walks ahead, I get the 'nod' from the French underground agent that we move in a few minutes.

I saddled back up to Hitler as he's eyeing a worker who is frying up a monk fish.

This is a monk fish.

Hitler picks up the monk fish and starts eating it like a pizza. The worker is a little stunned with the expression of, 'that's our lunch.'

I had been given a wad of Hitler coupons and I pay the worker 30 Hitler coupons for the fish. I then throw in another 50, but that only seemed like an additional insult, so I take back the 50. The worker is offended no matter what. I rummage around for some marcs, when I see through the blown off ceiling that Soviets are moving across the street. I toss the rest of my Hitler coupons to the workers and catch up to Hitler.

As we're leaving, I point out Soviet Agent Snippers in a building across the street, their brass, clockwork scopes flashing in the light from burning buildings. I lead Hitler away down a side street. He's carrying the monk fish like a frying pan. The Soviets are jumping from building to building and we will soon be surrounded. I tell Hitler the war is over and that we're moving him to America. I don't mention the trial part. He's saddened, clutching his monk fish, which is alive now. He seems to know that it's over and he reluctantly acquiesces. The French lead him away as I go to smooth things over with the Soviets.

As Hitler walks away, I notice he's only three feet tall.

So I go talk to the Soviets and we go do something and things get blurry.

Here's my take on this dream.

Codine will mess with your head.
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