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Stalwart Lefttenant Patches was born in the summer of 1992. It was just the other day. Her sister, Dr. Jones, physician, philosopher, pheline lived with me along with their friend, Loki cat. Since then, there have been many house companions, some friends, some not so much. There was Odin and Oberon, Nikki, Brutus, Naga and Gin, Kitten Rose, Dr. Livingston, Kage, George, Ziggy, Jumping Jack Flash, Longshot, Martin, Augustus, Jack London, Cisco, Hemingway, Longfellow, Kipling, Gohei, Attica, Gamera, Oreo, Aesop.

They have moved on to different homes, different places, different adventures. She was the constant. She saw much in her time, noting the changes as she made her patrols.

Always on duty.

Today she became the change.
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