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Waist deep in waste

This is two, shiny pieces of wood.

And this is a Makita Drill.

And with these two items I will destroy the Earth.

I will have help in this endeavor and my knight, my champion will be none other than Bill Gates.

Follow along on my journey of madness if you dare. I recommend against it, but you've always had a bit of the Took in your side of the family, haven't you.

These two bits of wood, shining wet with stain and shellack are the molding pieces from my upstairs bathroom. I've been doing a bit of work on my bathroom with fresh paint and new fixtures to replace the broken ones. I'm impressed that no one's been electrocuted by the old one. The sink will be new too. The old one's cracked and will randomly slice your finger open with an edge so keen that would impress a Mayan priest.

I carefully pried off the old molding, sanded then, pasted the holes with wood filler, sanded them some more and gave them new paint. They look amazing! The house was built in 1988 so I imagine the moldings are from that time century past. Re-used, refurbished, and soon to be re-nailed.

This Makita drill is not so old. Oh, I think 2008. It is a great tool. Strong, tough, balanced, feels good in your hand. It's cordless. You can take it anywhere, I imagine. I haven't tried taking it to the moon, or the bottom of the ocean, but I can't see why it wouldn't work fine in those places. It's that great of a tool. You just want to build, or un-build things.

Since 2008 I have replaced the lithium Ion batteries three times at a cost of about $75 bucks each. Six batteries. I got one set for free because the repair guy took pity on me. One set I got a special sale. The first set came free with the drill so I'm only out $75 total on a drill that cost about $150.

They just stop taking a charge. Poof. Running fine, put them on the charger and Beoweep! Dead, dead, dead, buried under the ground, dead. I was alarmed at the price of the batteries and the repair guy (I brought the batteries to him, the drill worked fine) said, "You don't use them enough".

Really? Can that be a reason?

I used the crap out of the next set, sometimes running the drill to work the batteries and they still died. This time I have no idea why they went belly up. Just DRT. I went to price new ones at Home Depot. $97 for one battery. The batteries where next to a new drill, exactly like my old one. A price for a new drill, with TWO batteries is $175.

Logic like this only sums up neatly in theoretical numbers calculated buy a million angelic accountants dancering on a pin.

I invented the word, dancering. It means dancing to instruct.

I went on-line and sure enough many people have addressed this issue. Many found the solution in the obvious way. Buy a new drill. When after a few years and you have a drill for the workshop, garage, kitchen, upstairs and basement with only two batteries that work that gets a little old. Fortunately, Makita makes other tools that you can use the same batteries. So now you have dozens of tools with only two working batteries yet the people in the CHAT seem proud that they can do this. It's cheaper to buy a whole new tool! We're so clever! We get new batteries and a FREE tool! These dimwits are bloody proud of this revelation!

How did we come to this? People who worry over global warming and our Earth's Precious Waters are completely okay, if not proud, of taking perfectly good tools that need a never ending supply of overpriced batteries and filling their houses with them.

Not even thinking that the mountain of Lithium Ion batteries is the stuff that Sci-fy plot points are made of.

How is it we've become a disposable society? How did we become comfortable with buying new even though the old one still works? My Drill works great! Why do the battery cost force me to buy a whole new set up?

Bill Gates did this. Oh, yes he did. How many computers did we throw away everytime Bill Gates came up with an update for his crappy software? How many computers suddenly grow weak in response to a program that did the very same crap and features as before but now because of new something or other have made them obsolete? Did we need all this stuff? Why can't my graphics card talk to the mother board anymore? It still works but it now sits in the closet, sad and rejected, waiting for Santa to bring them to the Island of Misfit toys?

And why do I really hate Bill Gates? Is it because he's a lying thief and a cheat? Yes, that would be about it.

Why can't we sand them a little, put on some wood filler and a new coat of paint and keep them going for another twenty years?

That isn't the question.

The question is, why do we accept that?

Instead of spending $194 dollars to buy two new batteries, or $175 on a new drill, I spent $40 dollars on a corded drill.

No more batteries. No more waste.

No more, Bill Gates.
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