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Every light, a star, every star, a world.

Such scattered thoughts flitter around me like moths. I try to catch them only to find they are phantoms just out of reach. The stillness of a pond, smooth as glass, not seeing the world of life below, but thinking it, dreaming it, wondering what they're thinking, dreaming about.

In the mirror, I have earned every crease, every wrinkle lining my face. Scars of wisdom, a harsh teacher. Life is so clunky and ill fit how does anyone get anything done? We smash our way like the Kool Aid guy, knocking down walls with our cumbersome body, a clueless smile on our faces. We destroyed that wall, why? Just to bring a pitcher of sugared water?

The year is half over yet it still feels so new. Only yesterday it began. As School lets out we plan for the next class. So much happening, yet slipping through our hour glass. THe Summer Solstice is only a week away. Then the days will slowly shorten and winter creeps in again. Rinse and repeat.

Is it odd that I find it all odd?
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