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So, here's a paradox for you.

Brace yourself.

On September 11th, 2001 the People of the United States were brutally attacked by cowards. The cause, despite what they have to say about it, was nothing more than to gain petty attention. That's what terrorism is. To make you afraid of them, to get you to notice them, pay attention to their lame lives because they are not smart, pretty, hip enough to garner friends the old fashioned way. They have to use fear in exchange for love.

So they did it and we will never forget.

Never Forget.

Are you ready for this? Do you see where this is going?

I'm going there so look away now.

As we never forget, like Salieri to Mozart, we remember the day, the fear, the horror.

We remember them.

That's all they wanted. Ignore whatever bullshit cause they claimed. If they wanted the bring back the 19th century they could easily set up a lavish commune out in the wilderness, set up whatever government, society, culture, laws, they wanted.

They had the money, loyal followers and land to do it in. They could have their own world all by themselves and that would be that.

They would, however, miss the one thing that they actually want.

Did you ever want to go out for Ice Cream? Just get in the car, drive out, and grab a cone?

By yourself?


The trip is not about the ice cream but about the fellowship and companionship and two or more friends going out for ice cream or hot dogs or the movies.

Ever go to the movies by yourself? More than not would you call upon a friend and drag them out to the movies with you because going alone would be lame.

They didn't want what they wanted. They wanted something else.

Someone to notice them.

Well, we noticed them alright. We hunted them down and killed them.

But as we remember the day of the height of fear and power we remember them at their finest.

And us at our worst.

Or p'raps not.

For we as a nation banded together. Crews came from all over the country to help. Flags were everywhere. We were united in courage and wrath and stronger than any force on the planet.

Today, do not show pictures of burning, but pictures of courage. Do not show the hollow space, but the hallowed land where a new gleaming building stands. Show them that in just a few short years we have rebuilt and rebuffed and stand stronger than ever.

Never forget we are United, Proud and Unafraid.

(Music swells, fade to black)
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