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Rains, no, it pours.

Master El of Two Knives died today after a long illness.

He was also known as Elliot Shorter.

When the diabetes first happened, he was rushed to the hospital where they had to amputate his leg. In the recovery room, an orderly came by and asked, "Are you Shorter?"

Master El quickly replied:

"I am now!"

Yeah, he was liked that. He was one of the first people I met when I joined the SCA. He had a story. He had many a story and he remembered which ones he had already told me as he never repeated himself.

When Knight of Chaos was first published, he came right up, slapped his money down and demanded an autographed copy. "The SCA was founded by writers." He told me. "We need you writers to keep it going!"

There will be a seeming quiet at our next Simplefair. He would stand up and begin singing, The Teddy Bear's Picnic", and set the talent bar. If you could do better, and with his faint, scratchy voice warbling out across the hall, you could, he opened the floor for the evening's entertainment.

He was and is, a caricature of life. Goofy, complex, and willing to demonstrate just how much of a rat's ass he cared about what other's thought of him.

Quite the man, quite the man.
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