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Walk about

With the vibrant colors of Autumn as a backdrop, it is time for my annual walk outside my house naked. The thirteenth time now. The foliage was looking a little sparse on the northeast corner of my house, so I didn't linger there. The sun was wonderful warm, like a big hug.

The house was painted this year, looking a little smarter, a little sharper. I have aluminum trim flashing added to discourage the wood boring bees and woodpeckers to some success. Success that I haven't been rudely woken up by wood peckers this year.

The deck looks very handsome now that it's been properly stained and not that horrible job that I did before. God, it looked like someone trying to cover up a murder with a homicide. When parts of it turned green, it then looked like a zombie massacre with an undetermined winner.

The armor stand is still out side. It's only be two short weeks since Duncan's memorial service and 4 short weeks since his death.

Yesterday I visited Duncan in the hospital. He had rods put in his legs. Yesterday we sat around the table playing D&D. Yesterday he announced he had cancer and was going to fight it. Yesterday, the first buds of spring appeared on the trees.

Leo's fight continues. We had planned to bring him home from the hospital today, but the word is they will now bi-opsy his liver.

Pauline goes in for her bi-opsy of her lung today. Let's hope for the best.

Still no results from the promotional exam. Nothing going to change for me. I get that. I have 5 years to go.

As Gauthier would say, keep your eyes on the prize.

It will be soon enough when I will say, yesterday I retired.

That would be nice.
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