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Another leaf falls

Dust billows up forming a dirty fog as the roar of the Hsquvenermeanerfjoriforum as it thrashes the last of the of the rusting leaves, mincing and chopping and slicing and dicing before puking it out the side. A marvelous, magnificent beast crawling its way up and over terrain, blades planted in its belly, whirling and spinning, digesting everything it could suck up.

I am astride its back, my hands on the reigns. The dust churning up has covered my legs, turning my white socks brown. Before us the ground is a layer of flaking chips of metal, behind us the green of the lawn shows. We make quick work of the yard.

I put the Hsquvenermeanerfjoriforum back it his stall and I survey my work. The last of the days sun brushes a hand on the back deck and I am compelled to get the new sake set and sit on the deck and drink until I am shrouded in night.

It was a good day.
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