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How to build a PORTABLE Pell.

The purpose of this post is to instruct in the building of a PORTABLE pell. Portable, meaning you can easily put this in your 74 VW beetle, and your armor, and Master Feral and his armor and still have room for you.

Pells are essential for skill building, honing, maintenance and instruction. Have a pell at practice is so helpful it should be mandatory.

Oh, and if anyone says anything about getting a bucket of cement I swear to God I WILL UN-FRIEND YOU! Try me.

This is a PORTABLE pell.


This design worked well with my Toyota Tercel coupe. It is easy to build and out of the four I have built, all four are still in use.

I made some sketches. I am NOT a draftsman or an engineer. In fact I intentionally drew some lines askew so that you're not lead to believe this is in some sort of scale.

Now if you agree with my disclaimer, we can begin.

You need 8 feet of 2x6. Pressure treated works best.
16 feet of 2x4.
Some plywood, 3/8's thick. 1/2 if you got it, you'll need 4 rectangles 4 inches wide and 6 inches high.
heavy construction garbage bags
Good quality duct tape.
Furniture feet things.

Keep in mind, all measurements and whatnot are guidelines. I don't know what you're driving and what will fit. So, you're going to have to adjust to make it work.

First the base. This is the hardest and most important part.

Cut the 2x6 into 2 foot long pieces. You should have four pieces if math has not betrayed me. If they are not pressure treated I recommend some Thompson's water seal.

Notch out the wood so they cross. You should have a 4 inch square in the middle. I use the wood itself as the template. Rough cut wood is in whole inches, finished wood is not so your results may very. The trick and very important part is the plywood. Pay attention to the grain. The 2x6 base grain will be horizontal. Cut your plywood sections with the grain vertical. These will become re-inforcement for the base. Heavy screws and use a lot of wood glue. Wood glue is your friend. Glue, screw, wipe off excess.

Really, check out the picture I drew on this. Seriously, you should look at it. Marvel at it!

Leave enough tolerance so they slide together and apart easily. Buy 8 floor protector furniture things and put them on each base. You don't want to mess up the floor, right?

The body is easy. I measured mine to be 5'10 because that fits in the car. If you're in Fall River, you may want to cut it to 5'8" so you know how to fight Master Pat. The cross is held on by two nice sized bolts. On the back I used washers and wing nuts so I can tighten and un-tighten by hand. When tightening, remember your not trying to hold down a battleship. A little snug will suffice.

Padding. My first design I bought a $3 sleeping camp mat from Wal-Mart. This was a mistake. It gave so much bounce that one fighter hit it and the sword bounced back and hit him in the head. Also this material flattens out after a while.

Carpet works great. It too will turn to dust after a while but hey, we're running with what we got.

I, however, scored some firehose that the fire department was gonna throw out. Fact is they test these hoses and when they fail, out they go. The stuff is tough to cut which is why I got Titanium shears. Nice shears. It is indestructible. The down side is this stuff is heavy. So I put a layer of carpet and a layer of hose and another layer in the main areas. I end the padding just above my knee so I train to hit a good thigh shot.

Cover the body in heavy garbage bags and duct tape it. The plastic will keep the rain out. My pell in my driveway has sat there for 6 years and all I've done is put another layer of duct tape on it twice. Rain, snow, heat, and I practice on it nearly everyday.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to drop me a line. I will do my best to answer.
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