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Why we need global warming

My first sortie into Christmas shopping has left me in despair over the destination of human evolution. We've derailed as a species. Our senses numbed, our attention shot, our sensibility to each other is lost. We don't even make good sheep. At least they have herding instinct.

We care about earthquake victims across the world, but what about the guy next to you? Can you stop texting long enough to let me pass? Why are you doing that in the aisle? Maybe slide into a corner or something.

I guess after Black Friday the rest of us are buzzards to pick clean a carcass. I just wanted some lights. Red ones. I guess they go first. A lot of empty shelves.

Horrible music over and over, beeping alarms, flashing lights, augh!

I'm going to get a skill and make presents from now on. Like learn to program apps and make an app where you take a picture of you boss, then you get a selection of knives to throw at it. Yeah, something we could all use.

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