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For those not on Facebook

Master Feral continues to demonstrate slow healing. I saw him today. He was napping and I was more than happy to let him remain that way. Depending on the time of day, the staff may have been testing for responsiveness, cleaning him, changing tubes, all of which is exhausting. Also there is a sedation because he is on intubation which will make him sleepy as well. This means when I walk in he may have already had quite the work out and needs a little shut eye. I send him some good vibes and I leave.

Sometimes staff will talk to me even though there is no obligation to do so. While I don't get the 'Nitty Gritty', I can deduce that he is doing well based on his type of injury and the gradual progression progresses gradually. This is a good thing.

His sister is doing a great job at calling the shots and everything that can be done is being done and being done exceptionally. The staff is wonderful, caring and compassionate. They have come to know him and care about him.

There are no real details to talk about. We can only cherish the times when his eyes are open and sparkle with recognition, or take comfort knowing his having a good, restful sleep. In the brief moment I am there, thirty seconds at best, I quietly think of all the well wishers, friends, SCAdian brothers and sisters, and form a flashing mirage of their smiles, their names and I picture it all in a warm glow, letting that light radiate from me to Feral.

So keep it coming! We are not counting the days, but savoring the moment. Feral is with us and we are with him.
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