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A beer by any other name.

India Pale Ale, or IPA has been around since the days of Blackbeard. It's the refreshing taste that made it popular with the sailors of the day.

Now some pretentious eunuchs think they can dick with the old and tested recipe buy adding kooky flavors like grapefruit or bubble gum. Look, I understand that there are people out the who like that sort if thing just as there are men who like it when women shit directly into their mouths, but seriously, it isn't an IPA and should not be labeled as such.

Adding spices and citrus is only a poor attempt by the brewer to cover up their lack of brewing skill and trying to pass it off as an IPA is deceit.

You wanna make dying llama piss, you may, but label it as such. Call it a western IPA or California IPA, but don't pass off yer mother's bath water as an IPA.

And may science develop the ability to re-attach yer nuts.

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