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Giving your kid a messed up name.

By Dexter:

Point: Giving your kid a messed up name opens them to bullying and social abuse. Parents are wrong to do this.

Counter Point: should not condemnation of the act fall not on the parents but the bullies and their parents?

Point; then let us forego Polio Vaccination and blame polio.

Counter point: polio is a mindless entity!

Point: so are bullies and their parents.

Polio vaccine won't save you 100% against polio. It reduces the chance. Names with cultural meaning and history aside, calling your kid, La-a, (pronounced Ladasha) and other made up names only opens your kid up to abuse. Like a Boy Named Sue, who spent his whole life in one horrible brawl after another, why go there? I want my kid to be tough!

All ahm saying is do some research. Don't name your kid after a vague direction, or after a serial killer. "I named my kid after the Cartoon. ". Really? No one will remember that show in ten years.

Oh, and you CAN'T argue with me on this.

Because I'm right.

Signed, Dexter.

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