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Time passages

As I reach up, on to my tiptoes, to grab clean underwear from the top of the pile of clean clothes, I realize two very important things:

One, I need to put this stuff away. Drawers and closets reverberate with ghostly echos and shadows dancing from the flickering torchlights ensconced on the walls. Wire hangers clatter like witch's hair. Any moment I will trigger a booby trap that I laid and forgot all about and sadly, it won't have any boobies in it.

What kind of trap is that?

Two, I need to throw some of this shit out. A tee-shirt from the Special Olympics Torch Run of 2001. I can read the logo on the back from the front of the shirt it's worn so thin. Penguin Plunge of 2000? Cinco de Milo, 2005? Earth Day 1989? Seriously!

I currently wearing a sweat shirt from 1995, but that's my work shirt. I change the oil in this shirt.

Stuff needs to go.

Can't give it to Good Will, those people have suffered enough.

But again I am reminded how fast time moves. It's been 14 years since Y2K. I'm dealing with youth who have no idea what that was.

Time speeds up too. Think about it. When you're 30, you've passed a third of your life, but when your 50, a mere twenty years later, you've used up half. Assuming you make it that far.

Things are moving faster and faster.

I better get cracking.
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