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More on Feral

Met with Feral today. He's been moved to the rehab ward down the hall. This is a private room which is always a plus. He was seated in a chair and when I sat next to him he shook my hand.

He's entering the phase of healing where is memory and speech may not match up. During this time his long term memory may be stronger than his short term memory. Tomorrow it might be reversed. He's also on 5-10 second delay in response time. That being said, I told him that everyone was praying for him and sending their love. I then added, Lucan, Darious and Balfour are looking for updates. He replied if any of those guys wanted to do some weapon work, he was available as his schedule was open. He just needed a place to do it.

Sorry, your Graces, Feral thinks you need some sword work. Truth is, I don't think he knew who I was so I must need even more.

I asked if he would like some music and he nodded. I said I had some blues and his eye brows went up and he said "Oooooh!"

So I put on some Kandy Kane.

So, slow steady improvement. Feral is waking up bit by bit. He's got a campaign strategy going and it will not be rushed.
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