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In thinking of Star Stuff

My take on the new, Cosmos, on Fox T.V. In a word, brilliant. I found, however, two major flaws in the show.

First glaring flaw: Neil deGrasse Tyson. He's just not a very good presenter. I could listen to his voice for about 9 minutes, thirty seconds or until the commercial break in which I'm flipping channels to see if Morgan Freeman is looking through a worm hole.

Second, and even bigger glaring flaw: Neil deGrasse Tyson. The show is an homage to Sagan who was the greatest voice in science during his time. Sagan filled you with the awe of the universe because he himself was in awe of the universe. When Sagan said, "Star Stuff" it made you feel cosmic, at one with everything, part of everything, moving with everything as everything moved with you. Neil deGrasse Tyson is convinced the universe is vast, infinite, but he isn't convinced the universe is bigger than him. His arrogance gets in the way. When he says we are all made of Star Stuff he is as impassioned as a kid wearing a paper hat asking if you want fries with that universe. You are certainly made of star stuff, but he's made of something far greater than that.

He did a great shout out to Sagan and talked about teacher to pupil to teacher when Sagan met with him, then seventeen years old, and spent the day showing him the astrophysical ropes. That was really cool.

Could this show been done better with a better host? Yeah. Jeremy Clarkson could certainly do it even though he thinks he's bigger than the universe as well.

I could do it and I be very good at it.

And I'm available.

Ya hear that, Fox!
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