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Dust and age well up, smelling of memory.

We are all immortal until we die. It's a fact.

Except when we're young. It is then such concepts such as age and arthritis and and grey was a thing that only the weak allowed to happen. We have a choice whether to grow old and feeble. We allowed our faces to sag, liver spots to darken.

Our minds to loose focus and memories to fade.

I thought I would never forget the people I was stationed with. Guarded Embassies with. Stood long watches on a fuck cold pier in South Korea.

How could I forget that guys name?

Now I can't even remember his face.

What a horrible design we are to be able to forget such precious things as our friends, yet cling to horror and nightmares that we pray to forget? How is it evolution hasn't breeded that glitch out of us? Why didn't God build us a little better?

Maybe evolution isn't as advertised or God doesn't actually love us.


Or maybe,

just the opposite.

For every successful evolved creature, there are a hundred thousand failures. Each change infinitesimally small, both forward and backward. Improved or T-rex short arms fail.

God makes us keep our errors and carry them around, each one a lesson never to be forgotten.

Here's my lesson:

I shoulda written that guys name down on the back of the picture when I remembered it. It would be in those times when looking for something else I stumble upon that photo album and crack it open.

And remember.
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