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A towering bastion of health!

Ah! Finally!

My knees are not crying, my back not aching, my thigh isn't numb, my elbows are unswollen and my shoulders are smoothly rolling around in their sockets.

I go out and splurge my well of youth and I walk a mile and a half, only steeling off another half mile as not to overdo it. A nice stretch and I can see my toes! Oh, my prodigal youth returns home!

In the morning youth is at breakfast with me. A light snack of toast and cream cheese and strawberry jam, fresh tea to wash it down.

Youth rode with me to the dentist, its dimpled smile unfaltering.

Until the dentist uses the word, EXTRACTION!

Youth gives me a brave smile and a thumbs up. I call into work and let them know I'm not coming in tonight. The dentist lays out his collection of shiny pliers and goes to work. The technology is the same as it was when the local blacksmith used to do it. Grab hold, press down, wriggle and yank.

And yank.

And yank some more.

Leaving a gaping hole in my jaw that quickly fills with blood and pain, both of which are still with me hours later.

Youth still smiles, though its eyes worry as we pick up meds and head home. Youth suggests some video games and them the new Captain Harlock movie and then maybe some more video games.

So we do that.

Youth and I then go out on the deck and look up and the moon and the stars and listen to the night for a little while. Youth gets instantly board and suggests more video games.

I tell youth right after I make a Live Journal Post.
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