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Dio is out of the hospital.

Yep! He's out! Released! Healed! Fine! Okee dokee.


I am angry, frustrated, and very, distressed. He's not fine. He needs continued care that he will not receive from a rehab center, such as straightening his leg, or evaluating his brain box for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), but instead they are launching him. My mother, God bless her, can't battle with these people and because I am the brother I can't say anything. I mean, right now he can't pick up a phone and call someone without help. How is he going to re-hab? I don't understand.

His school is a mess and the lovely secretary argued with my mom and hung up on her. Hung up on my Mom? Really? My Mom is so graceful she eats a banana with a knife and fork and you hang up on her?

Dio's bank is jerking her around because they won't recognize her Power of Attoyney. Dio's landlord still won't answer the phone. We don't even know if Dio is still being paid, or if he still has a job.

I thought we'd be out of the woods once he was talking again, but his brain isn't firing on all cylinders yet so he can't argue with them either.

The hospital evaluation of him is, "Do you know the year? The name of the President? Your mother's middle name? Yes? Okay! His brain is A-ok!"

Ahm feelin' a little flustered.
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