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I had a dream.

In the dream I was working on Gen and I went to unscrew the speedometer cable from the back of the speedometer. This have vexed me for quite sometime and I'm at that point of going in with pliers and making a mess of it. The speedometer has to be replaced anyway and Speedometers cables are cheap.

It is supposed to be a hand tightened nut, but it's aluminum and for some, magic reason aluminum binds with steel on a molecular level in short order and these two bits have been together for over thirty five years. It isn't going to budge, I know this, but I give it one last try and squeeze my fingers into the tight space. I get a good hold on the knurled surface and it turns! It screws right out? I label the wires as I disconnected them for easy re-connection and the speedometer is out!

And then I wake up.

It was only a dream.
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