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or am I a butterfly dreaming he's a man?

Well, here it is, in real life, my adversary, my instrument panel, my speed, fuel, odometer, warning lights for heat, High beams, and 50,000 mile check up. No digital circuitry, no flash drive memory, just a fist full of gears, clockwork pinions, springs, cogs, spongs, and tickling hooks slathered in 3 in 1 oil to keep it going. A lost science lives in that little hobbit hole.


And it's time to come out. There is a nut in back that connects the speedometer to the speedometer cable. This cable connects to the front, driver's side wheel. Inside the cable, a cord rotates and the cord's rotation is translated by the clockwork interface of the speedometer into miles per hour. Sophisticated stuff.

There is the nut that connects the back of the speedometer. The space is so tight to get this picture I shoved the camera into the tiny hole and took several blind shots. It's that aluminum knurled cap.

I've tried this before and failed. It's stuck there good. You can see all the wires and stuff that if I go in with big tools I can wreck all sorts of stuff.

But it's got to come out.

I had a dream that I went it and wriggled my fingers in there and latched on and gave it a good, counterclockwise twist and it came right off.

But it was only a dream.

And I just started a paragraph with 'But'.

I just started another one with 'and'.

That should tell you how serious this all is. I have the tools, channel lock, vice grips, it's coming out.

In the dream it came right off. No reason not to give it a try.

With a good grip and a good twist, counterclockwise, it came right off! Just like the dream! Now to label the wires and stuff but it's out!

Just like in the dream!

Now to have a dream of winning the lottery.
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