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Dwayne Update 12/23/14

So the facility they moved Dio too is actually top notch care. It's not the rehab center I had envisioned. So, I was wrong. They are also much better at communicating than Jackson Memorial. When Jackson had initially told Dio he was being discharged, they walked in, said, 'You're being moved.' and walked out without telling him anything. So, Mom shows up and he's panicky so she's upset and hilarity ensues.

Turns out this was actually a good thing that could have been better if they had EXPLAINED it in the first place instead of scaring the crap out of us.

So, the new place has him in a TINY cubical, so there is no place to set up his computer, dashing our hopes of him communicating in person. His one hand has lost all dexterity and the other is in a cast so his fine motor skills are not up to par to use his smart phone.

He wishes everyone to know that he loves everyone and hopes to be up and about soon.
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