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We survived posts.

We survived lead paint and riding in the front seat without a seat belt. We survived monkey bars and playing in junk yards. We survived all that stuff and now all the fun is gone because of safety provisions, bike helmets and Mother's of America trying to protect us from EVERYTHING.

"I believe in Free-Range Parenting" one post said.

C.J., my Senior Patrol Leader, was doing what 15 year olds do. He was tooling around in a go-cart like many of us did all those years ago, but he crashed.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Family, devastated. We are devastated. C.J. was a good kid. A wonderful Scout.

We can Monday Morning Quarterback all we want, but in truth we can't protect our loved ones from EVERYTHING. We can't. A fifteen year old is going to do what fifteen year olds do, regardless of what you do to try to stop it.

At best we try to minimize our losses. Monkey bars, the bastion of broken arms, legs and necks, a traitor in the highest form. What child can resist climbing up to the top. "Look! Ma!" The sound of flesh and bone tumbling, hitting rung after rung.

I was with a person who was looking at a 5 gallon bucket and commented on the safety label showing a toddler drowning in the bucket. "What child would play in a bucket?" He asked rhetorically. "How stupid is this?"

I tried to explain that 2,200 children a year had fallen into buckets and died before that label was put there. It sounds funny until it's your child. It sounds like a Mad comic until you watch people trying to resuscitate your child.

After that label, the number decreased to 220 a year.

Children being left in hot cars, drinking poison, hurled around unbuckled in a car crash, all the ways we die.

We can't protect them from EVERYTHING. We can't. Deaths, sadly, tragically, are going to happen.


Buckle up.

Wear your bike helmet.

Reflective clothing, flashlights.

You know the drill.

Most importantly, tell them you love them.
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