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It's called a Manogram

My MRI for my Vertigo was clear. Meaning they looked in my head and found nothing. It also meant they have no idea why I get vertigo.

The physical therapist said, "We're gonna fix you today! You'll see." I explained that the Doctor had said they same thing.

"Huh," She said.

And we did the thing. She threw my head around, made me walk and read while my head was battered about and pick something up off the floor and nothing.

"Well, I guess you're cured. I don't know why." She looked at the MRI results. "It isn't a tumor. It isn't anything."


I then went to my other doctor and mentioned a strange lump in my right breast. I'm an A cup, let's be real about it, and I have this insistent pain there.

After palpating the region, the doctor said, "It's probably nothing but you'll have to have a, you know, MAMMOGRAM."


I go to the receptionist who said, "I'll set you up for your mah, uh, procedure."


The hospital called to confirm. "You are scheduled for a, uh, x-ray. It'll be on Friday. Go to the Mammo, uh, that department up in x-ray."

Me; "You mean, MAMMOGRAM."

"Yes. We'll see you on Friday."

Wonderful. Stay tuned folks.
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