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What makes us tick

Holocaust deniers. People who deny the Holocaust. People who enjoy taking facts, irrefutable, and despite the insensitivity to others, blather on that the Holocaust was made up.

In 1988 I visited a Death Camp in Croatia, Jasenovac. I saw the place, heard the stories. My companion was a teenager during the war and had been tortured and permanently disabled by the Luftwaffe Intelligence. That wasn't a story or fable. That happened.

In 2009, oh, so long ago, a man was freed from jail by Governor Mike Huckabee. The governor commuted a 108 year sentence and let that man go free. Seriously, if you've been sentenced to 108 years in jail, there's bound be be something wickedly fucked up with you. It wasn't for overdue library books. He was recommended to the Governor and the Governor signed it.

He went free.

Nine years later, that man, grateful for his freedom, walked into a coffee shop in Washington State. There, sitting at a booth were four officers. They had their lap tops open and they were doing work, sipping coffee, and enjoying the community. It was part of the community policing program to get the police out into the public where they can meet and interact with the people they serve in a warm, friendly, and affable way.

That man walked up to them and shot them all dead.

There is no war on cops, so I'm told. Or at least, no new war. That police are safer than ever.

Here's some facts. This guy, freed from an Arkansas prison didn't get that gun from a box of Cracker Jacks. It had been given to him. They target was soft, not L.A., not NYC, Lakewood Washington, where they could move in an out undetected. They snuck him in, sent to the coffee shop, and then wisked him away to a series of safe houses with the hope to shaking the law now hounding him. His handlers, hoping to use his skills again, moved him funtil they were boxed in California.

It was an assassination.

What the media doesn't mention is the network that moved the assassin around. That gave him the gun.

But cops are safer, right?

As of May 26, 2016, 38 police officers have been killed in the line of duty. That means a cop dies almost every four days. Car related deaths are down, but cops shot to death are up 19%.

The group that moved the murderer around was a branch of Separatists who believe themselves beyond the jurisdiction of the U.S. Government. They live in your neighborhood, enjoy the privileges of citizenship, but many pay no taxes or respect the law. They look at cops as the soldiers in their carefully crafted war on everyone.

They are organized and will kill you in a heart beat.

Other groups are out there, different causes, but the plan is the same.

Kill cops.

Pennsylvania, a police officer was shot in the parking lot of the Police Station. Same deal with that guy. Four cops in NYC are attacked with a man with a hatchet. He was part of ISIL, so he claimed.

Even if they were not part of a shadowy underground, they were still encouraged and brought out by anti-cop rhetoric.

Our president is too busy in Japan, laying forward his legacy as a uniter to attend the funeral of a dead cop. He once said, and I quote, "I don't know all the facts of this case, but I know the cops acted stupidly." Yes, that's a very uniting statement.

But let's be fair. Cops are assholes, right?

Here's a thought. You want a professional? PAY COPS A PROFESSIONAL WAGE! You want someone skilled? TRAIN THEM! All these people marching, yelling at cops, were you all at the town meeting where your police budget for training was slashed? Where you cut out their benefits? Seriously, who wants to be a cop? How long before the thrill of wearing the badge and driving the car wears off?

You want someone who has the skill to offer fries with that, then don't expect anything but a mouth breathing thug.

Right now what you do have are noble, hard working, self sacrificing men and women willing to stand up to the wolves who want nothing more than to RIP OUT YOUR THROAT.

How long you have them for? That is for you to decide.
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