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The reality of Cops

Again I sit and watch the news of the horrible events facing law enforcement. Oddly, everyone has an opinion, my self included, however, I bring to the table, p'raps, a little insight.

I have been that guy explaining to people most of the stuff on CSI and Law and Order do not exist, or if they do, takes months if not years to process. Major cases will be bumped up the pecking order, but in a major city, that only puts you behind the line with the other murders. Things are not a simple phone call away.

I am envisioned with the concept of Police DMV. You're waiting in line to get to the clerk who says, "You want Murder, down the hall to the left. This is Burglary."

You reply, "Yes, I've been there, but after they murdered my uncle they took his stuff."

"Ah, you have to go to Robbery first. Did they forcefully enter the dwelling?"

"No, it happened in a parking lot."

"You're in the wrong line, hon. Follow they green line to the Robbery counter. NEXT!"

Where was I?

So in a world were people believe forensic science they are surprisingly quick to abandon all of that and go for the reality t.v. that used to be called, the news.

21 years of Law Enforcement I've learned many things, the first of this you can take as your sound bite. Put it on your bulletin board right over your poster of a dangling kitten asking you to hang in there. Ready?

The first story you hear is always wrong.

Go to any murder mystery show, time and time again someone lies and the cops run off, hopefully to loose the trail. People lie because they stole a frelling potatoe and they are willing to stymy a murder investigation to get away with their ill gotten spud.

People lie for gain, to hide their little secret, they lie for money, love, respect, Thursday, they lie for nothing and they lie for everything. They LIE, LIE, LIE.

How many shootings have we seen over the past twelve months? How many officers are exonerated? But we watched the news! We saw the facts! You saw Lies and lies and lies.

So, Ferguson. I have a ling explanation for this whole bit, but I'll just cut to the quick. The story you got was an innocent child with his hands in the air crying, 'Don't Shoot!' is shot. That's the story. We went nuts over it. Stores were burned, cars over turned, dogs and cats living together.

The President of the United States of America, the most powerful nation on Earth, rose from his chair and bellowed that justice will be done and because he thought the State government was a bunch of doofs, sent the Secretary General, the highest law enforcement official in the most powerful country in the world to go investigate. All the resources in the most powerful nation in the world were provided for this case.

The answer they came back was this:


The first story we heard was wrong.

None of that happened. Witness came in droves, put their hand on the bible and SWORE TO GOD a lie. They lied to God. Do you think God forgets these things? That God is understanding? People, he nuked an entire city. Children, puppies, house plants, vaporized so vigorously that to watch it would turn you into a pillar of salt.

These people evoked God's name and testified to something they were not even there for. Wasted everyone's time and resources. Why?

Does why matter? It only means they are willing to sacrifice a potential investigation, the lives of families hinged on knowing the truth, a community torn apart, for no reason at all.

In the end there is no reason.

So, the latest shooting witnesses stated it was an un-armed black man murdered by a WHITE cop. Did I fail to mention that whole race thing? Yes, a WHITE COP. The police say it was a BLACK officer and the suspect had a gun. Meanwhile there is body cameras, dash cams and other video to pour over, forensics to collect, bits of string strung around showing the bullet path and where who was standing when who was shot.

You know, an investigation.

A reporter this morning badgered the mayor to release video and she said, 'We do not release parts of an investigation, we release the whole investigation.'

Well, why not? I give you Zimmerman. Remember how that case came out? Some 911 recordings, then some more, then a blurry picture. Then a clear picture. All the while the nation went nuts. In truth, the whole case was available but the media released it an eye drop at a time. Why? Because riots are easy reporting.

Next case we're watching, Black man with his hands up walking away from police. If you have a half dozen cops and you're black and the prevailing belief that cops only shoot black men then why are you walking around when cops are pointing guns at you.

Here's how to survive this situation: Do what the officer tells you to do.

Ta Da!

Oh, for the record, the suspect was Tazed. It didn't work. People on PCP are immune to being Tazed. Was he on PCP? Don't know. Just saying we need more facts in the case. Let's hold off trashing the place till then.

Here's one. For whatever reason you are on the floor, partially trapped under a car and two police officers are holding you down, and one of the officers takes his gun and places the business end on your chest. He cannot miss and it is instant death for you if he pulls the trigger.

Do you, A: Continue to fight?
B: Continue to fight and pull out your gun?
C: Stop resisting, go limp, and comply with officer's instructions which more than likely will not include, take your gun out.

Well, he chose B.

Why do people fight? They same reason they lie. There isn't a reason.

One of the problems are community leaders, teachers and parents telling children: "The cops cannot stop you, you don't have to listen to anyone and you can do as you please."

The cops CAN stop you, you should listen to them and you CANNOT do as you please.

That isn't how society functions. You want anarchy? Work hard, buy and island, live on it as you please.

Ta Da!

You want to live in society? Well, society has rules. Simple of that.

More on this as I calm down.
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