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Beautiful days of autumn, you know what that means.

So many colors, a flora firework display of Autumn. I don't like to call it Fall. I think that isn't a name, it's an act, a verb, not a season. Cool nights, warm days, a leaves of color everywhere almost over night. A big switch flipped and glorious effect. Green is green, but now we have so many other colors!

It is that time again, my friends and followers, to strip naked and walk outside the front door, walk around the house and back in again. This is the benefit I have for having woods 360 degrees around my house. It is my tradition. 15 years of this tradition! 15 years! 15 times I have watched the trees change over and shed their leaves. 15 times I've taken the hint and prepared for winter.

15 years to reflect.

What a year for me! So much accomplished! Shards Thugs.jpg

I put this out, the hilarious adventures of Captain Shard and his thugs.

I was promoted to Lieutenant.

I retired.

I painted the house and the deck and started to re-side the barn.

And we're going to Disney!

And I grew a beard.

So much done and so much left to do! As my cousin, Dragonslayer, would say; The Best is Yet to Come!
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