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Today was my first movie audition. Small, student film, small part.

I didn't do as well as I had hoped. If anything, I over prepared.

The first sentence was worded a little odd and I fought my brain to master it. Over and over again until I could not get it wrong.

And action! I stuttered, unable to spit it out. I tried to recover. The director, seeing my trouble said; ignore the script, just talk, but my brain was still stuck on a sentence it could not say. I got through the rest of the scene fine, even when the producer started to ad-lib a little with me.

Small matter. It's all practice and learning and teaching my brain how to do things it has not done in 28 years, act.

My last gig was playing Ghost #2 in Charles Dickens' Christmas story. "And who is that small boy? The one with crutches?" #2 has sneering lines, throwing Scrouge's words back at him.

I forgot about that play until today.

Three performances in front of the international community. Ambassadors from all over the world.

I pulled that off.

So I can do it.

Yup. I will.
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