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I am a little saddened that we still need to have "women's rights".

It should be "human rights".

Women are human, right?

We look to our government to protect those women's rights because they are need of protecting, but in truth we must look within ourselves.

It isn't hard, really. Look at the pay voucher and ask yourself, why am I paying her less than I pay him?

See how easy this is? Let's try another.

Why do I blame her if she gets pregnant? Do I blame flowers for blooming? Do I blame the spring? How hard is it to give her a few months off to have a baby? If you're so strapped that you can't let her have time off, then the blame is yours for being a bad business man. She didn't get pregnant to spite you, she got pregnant because that's how babies are born. There isn't another way. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, that's how it is. You may not rearrange the seasons or pick and choose the ones you like. You need money for oil in the winter so you have some saved for that. You should also have money saved up for if and when she has a baby just as you have to be ready for when a man breaks his leg and can't work. He's out for three months easy. Now what do you do?

And quit grabbing her ass at work. If you can't control yourself then you are the problem. Here's an idea; go to the doctor and say, "Doc, I have too much testosterone." So he gives you medicine for ninety days. Chemical Castration. For three months you take the medicine. When ninety days are over you are back to normal. If within those ninety days you have no want to grab her ass and when you are back to normal you want to grab her ass again then you know what needs to be done.

At Sci-Fi conventions there are signs that say, Cosplay doesn't mean consent. Why is that even a thing? Girls who normally don't talk to you because you're a creep and a loser will still not talk to you if she's dressed like Wonder Woman.

Protecting women; from what? I know there is one State that has grizzlies in the schools, but other than that one place what? So what do they need protection from? Hmmm. Lava? Meteors? Trains? Or maybe not what. Maybe who. So who are we protecting them from? Well, on this planet there are women and, what?

I've been rather disappointed in the 21st century for it's noticeable lack of flying cars. I really should reconsider my view. It isn't our lack of technology that is distressing, but our lack of evolution.
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