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Hard at work.

There is guilt in retirement, especially if all of your friends are still working and have ten to twenty years to go.

The guilt is completely self initiated. No one is really calling me out, but I find my self possessed to get up, do something all day and put in a solid 8 hours of something.

Today is the Ides of March. An event made famous by the failure by a gentleman to wear this:

Beware the Ides of March. Beware from wot? Someone sneaking up behind me to stab me a lot? Betrayal from my best friend? Or allergy season? Looks like a spot of bad weather on the Ides, best pack an umbrella. Narrow this down a bit for me, would you?

Well, it is also my mother's birthday. I gave her a call. She worked as a nurse in NYC for 48 years. King's County Trauma. She is retired now, thank God, and living in Florida.

She keeps a journal, as did her mother, to simply remind her where the day went.

The list is surprising.

So looking at my list, I've been busy.

This is my new office. Microphone, headphones, copy stand, Leopold the Lion, Mac with Garageband. The morning starts hunting for gigs and the afternoons making audio files. Most is just learning the equipment. Experimenting with the program.

Whatever happened to instructions?

Programs don't come with instructions anymore. You click on HELP and it directs you to a chat room with other people who haven't a clue trying to solve problems by wasting each other's time. Here's one that KILLS me. You post, I'm having a problem with the audio head file. I can't get the Clip icon to come up. The response is, I don't have that problem.

Really? Thank you for that information. I'm so happy for you and I am now further away from solving my problem because someone who actually knows something will see I have a answer and won't bother chime in. Seriously, you're not having a problem is of no help to me at all!

The other choice is You-Tube were some mouth breather hiding out in Mother's basement is going to go on for hours about irrelevant things and make you sit through crap waiting for that little nugget of information he promised in his title, all the while hoping, oh so much hope, he closes his mouth long enough to asphyxiate and die.

Why? Computer gods, why? What have we done to offend you? Look, we made this idol of a Golden Hard-drive in your honor! Speak to us!

We went from crappy and vague instructions, to detailed but wrong instructions, to 'for the complete idiot' but wrong instructions, to a mouth breather on You-Tube who lied when he said he knew what he was talking about.

Dear Mac;

Steve Jobs is dead. Stop reminding me of that with your insistent push to be micro-soft. We bought Macs at twice the price for a reason. They worked and they were simple. I don't want to spend my day sorting through computer files and programing shit, I want to just do things.

Garage band. You can do ANYTHING with it. It is unbelievably powerful, versatile and dynamic. Movies, Music, voice, you name it, Garage band is the schnizzle.

And complicated as all get out.

Here's an idea. Make a button that says, Audio Book. Click that and the whole system streamlines to just that. Narration. No reverb, no echo, no crazy voice effects. If I want that I can click on more things. Start simple and we can build up later. A real instruction book. Something that says what an Audiohead is and the difference between track and region, and what is mic gain verses volume, verses 48 Phantom power, tube blend and clip.

So what am I doing?

Learning how to computer.
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