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Pages of life, pages of story, pages of time

I went to put my photo album away but there was no room on the shelf. In fact all of my shelves are jammed packed, some double stacked, books lying sideways on top of books standing up.

So, put down the photo album and look at the shelf.

And history.

My history.

World of Warcraft maps, out dated since they blew up the place, useless.

Comic books in need of plastics. I found some and put them on, but I need more. They've been sitting of the shelf for 11 years waiting for my to put them away. So, off to the closet to pull out a comic storage box and ha! A big pile of more comics needing to be put away properly.

Two hours sorting one shelf and long and short of it I still have no space for the album.

I gave up comics because of cost and time and storage. God I loved the stories, the art, the drama! We mistaken thought it was for kids but no, stories with Hellblazer and Sandman and my all time fav, Usage Yojimbo!

They have value and as the market is going up I may think of letting them go. It would only be smart as their value slowly bleeds away. Even in the dry, dark closet encased in mylar with acid free cardboard they are still aging and finding a sucker to buy them are dwindling.

But I'm not ready yet. I'll give up the Wow books and Police Sergeant Exam study guide and some other crap that was there.

But I will have to tunnel through my life and scrape off the dead skin, then things I have not seen in, well, decades. Do I really need them? Is it time to move them along? Is it time to share the excitement and adventure with someone else?
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