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Knight of where?


We hates it.

We loves it.

My precious. Gives it to us!

So, I'm going to Mudthaw to sell books this Saturday. I hope you all stop by to say, 'whadup'. So I go on Facebook and post on the Author's page I have that I'll have Shard's Thugs and Knight of Chaos for sale and I go to post pictures of the covers because we are a visual society with hardwired brains ever looking for stuff and lets face it the lenses in our eyeballs are really second to none on this planet for clarity, field of depth, color and most of all processing power and no other animal has such of the package deal as we do. Our brain has the biggest graphics card in the animal industry.

So I post the picture of Shard's Thugs. Then I go to post the picture of Knight of Chaos and I can't find it. Anywhere. I check the old computer sitting next to this new one, I check the back up harddrive and disks and peripherals. I check the internet and Comcast where I had a website for Knight of Chaos and there is nothing. I check Livejournal Scrapbook and it isn't there either.

Yes, it's a 14 year old book. In two years it can legally ask to borrow my car. But there has to be a USABLE image somewhere.

Although Amazon LOCKS out download of the cover in a side link to another link there was a clean, clear JPG.

It's been 14 years and a lot of tech has come and gone. MySpace, remember them? They were all the rage. Heck, LJ at one time was the king of blog.

The file is on a Jazz drive, or a Zip drive, technology gone the way of the VCR and LaserDisk. Heck, soon DVD will be a thing of the past. It will all be Blue Ray and then, like it or not, Cloud based down load. No longer will you have individual ownership and rest assured it will not be free.

This is a brilliant idea, really. No longer hauling around worm filled books, and shelves of dust collecting disks and tapes. It will be all in the palm of our hand. In my brain it is a phone but in reality it is a computer and monitor and relay device that will deliver my Cloud storage and beam it to any device. So I won't need such a thing. I will be able to go to ANY device and log in. Retina, biomechanics, thumb print and interact with it as my own. Devices will be everywhere. Replacing the old Juke Box on Cafe tables with a data pad so I can stream the news while I eat. I can comment live on the president's speeches while I'm driving. I won't be driving, the car will. I'll be in the command seat for the purpose of making me feel important but no more.

Soon, any surface can be a monitor. I can say out loud to take a phone call and video stream will pop up on the wall and I'll converse with someone in Marrakech, instant translation programs breaking down the barriers of language.


'till there's a black out.

That moment we step out of the dome and into the world. My friends go to Jamaica and say how great it is and I think, 'What? Didn't you have to paint the house and clean chickenshit from everything? No, that's only when I go to Jamaica. But imagine if you will you've wondered out of the resort and suddenly there is nothing. You're lost. You call out loud for assistance and Google Maps does not respond.

Hackers have downloaded a virus, shutting down for several weeks the cloud. You're sitting at home. No web. No entertainment. You're fastidiously reading the nutrition facts on the back of Frosted Mini Wheats because you are that board.

Suddenly books are being sold on the black market. On the street corner there's one guy selling crack and next to him there's a guy selling Chaucer.

I betting hurry and put my VW back together. I think ahm gonna need it.
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