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I love travel.

I hate airlines.

I'm Florida for my Dad's birthday and to spend quality time with my brother. TSA searched my luggage which I am not surprised. I brought my pistol with me. I just wish they wouldn't be so bloody secretive about it. I mean, yes, they left a note. But here's the thing, the take my bags and I go to the gate and board the plan. What would have happened if I had packed my firearm incorrectly? Wait till I get to Florida to arrest me? I don't lock my bags because I know they will rip it open and break the zipper if they want. The revolver is locked up as per federal regs. Ammo is in a separate box and labeled.

They certainly looked at the boxes but did not open them as they are locked. So, they'll break into the suitcase but not the vault with the firearm is kept. I guess that's where to put valuables.

Glad I left the latex catsuit and flogger at home.

Or maybe I should pack something for them to find?

Rental car, hotel.


It isn't a vacation, I have 'work' to do. I have my Microphone and sound equipment so I'll be checking jobs and wot not.

That won't stop me trying to vacation, tho.
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