Stolen Symbols.

We've seen the news.  White Supremacists, Art-Right, Nazis.

First let me say, Trump was wrong and yet right at the same time.  There was fighting on both sides.  But let's put this into perspective, 1,000 Neo-Nazis vs 200 hundred counter-protestors.  The Neo-Nazis had batons, shields and helmets.  Shields and helmets are NOT defensive items when you have a baton.  It is now an offensive posture.  The counter-protestors were carrying signs.  Many of the Neo-Nazis had guns although to their credit never used them.  However the simple presence of a gun changes impact of a conversation.

To say there was fighting on both sides is a misguided view.

The Neo-Nazis also had a very powerful weapon, one that dominated the field louder than anything else.

The Neo-Nazis had their symbols of hate.  

Fear is a very powerful weapon.  Don't let anyone kid you.

There was a symbol used in Asia for thousands of years.  

Adolf Hitler took the symbol, inverted it (which heradrically dramatically changes the meaning to be either opposite or insulting) and used it as his personal ad campaign to strike terror.  It's color scheme is built to be frightening, distinct.  He then backed it up by murdering millions of people.  

I visited the Death Camp in Jasenovac Croatia.  It happened.  The bodies where found.  You CAN'T deny it.  Somewhere in the area of 600,000 men women and children were killed there in that one camp.

So this stolen symbol, stained heavily in the blood of horror speaks louder than any words.  

That symbol is a weapon; a brutal and harsh weapon.

There is another symbol.  The confederate flag.  It was made to signify the Confederate States.  At it's heart was the argument of cotton.  The North was making a mint and the South wasn't seeing the profits from the massive sales over seas.  So they wanted their own country to sell directly over seas.


Lincoln got elected.  They feared Lincoln was coming for their slaves so they left.  That's the fact.  Funny thing is, if they stayed they could have kept the 19th amendment from happening and slavery would have continued but since they left, the 19th amendment passed.

It was about slavery.  The confederate flag became a symbol of slavery and all the horrors that came with it.

Until it was stolen.

The General Lee.  Not General Lee, but The General Lee.

The Dukes of Hazards stole this symbol of the confederate flag.  It became a symbol of rebellion against a corrupt government and their cronies.  Remember?  The Mayor and the Sheriff each week had a new diabolical plan of criminality and it was up to Bo and Luke Duke with their dynamite tipped arrows and The General Lee jumping over something with its fancy horn to stop them?  The symbol of rebellion almost became acceptable.

But it was stolen back.  Waving it side by side with the Nazi symbol undoes all of that.  It is now only a reminder of slavery and racism.

Why would a state capitol fly a symbol of rebellion?  Who is the GOVERNMENT rebelling against?  Or is it there is still a war going on, a war of slavery, and there is a shadow government to who I have no vote or voice running the place.  Well that is unconstitutional and a half.  That is TREASON and a CIVIL rights violation.  

Neo-Nazis are a curious bunch.  Nazis, National Socialist German Workers’ Party, a fledgling Worker's Party, until Hitler joined, sought to have full government control of all societal resources.  I imagine your typical Neo-Nazi would want the opposite, for the government to be in charge of nothing.  Why support a leader and ideology that would bring MORE government into your life?

Stealing again the Neo-Nazis want nothing to do with that part of the Nazi belief.  They have stolen what is left, the belief in a master race and that they are the Master Race.

In their hands, all the evil and hate in history.

This brings me now to General Lee.  The guy.

When the war broke out Lincoln asked him to be the Commander of the Army of the Potomac.  He said he would think about it.  The next day he resigned from the Army and went to Virginia, his home, where the governor put him in charge of the local state militia.  So he wasn't a traitor, really.  Unlike Benidict Arnold who didn't tell anyone he was switching sides until he burned the City of New London CT.  

They put up statues in his memory.  He was the guy in charge of horrific battles.  People like that tend to get statues.

He as a symbol has now been stolen.

You could argue he was a great tactician, (I would disagree) that he brave, honorable, yadda, yadda, yadda, but whatever you make of his image it has now been stolen.

If historians all rallied claiming that removal of his image is blotting out history I could buy that.

But it isn't historians.  It's a bunch of guys waving symbols of hate.  Whatever dignity was left of Robert E. Lee is now gone, gone, gone.  He is nothing more than a symbol of hate standing side by side with Hitler.

I would imagine that General Lee, the man not the car, would be horrified at the notion.


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