Night one of CPAP

It sucks.

I'm seriously beginning to believe it's all a hoax.  Not from the first, miserable, stupid night wearing the stupid thing, but of the presentation, the doctor acting like an infomercial, the tech who showed me how to use it going through the same spiel and me constantly saying, 'Yeah, I get it, it's why I'm here.  Can we talk about facts now?'


There was a movie called Dave who is a president look alike and he, as president, sees in the budget that we're spending a huge amount of money to make people feel good about cars they already bought.

Reality is this:

My insurance company, dicy as they are, are covering 100% including supplies and maintenance.

I can't get them to fix my knee but a 1,200 CPAP unit with another 1,200 annual cost for supplies is covered 100%.  It means people are healthier and it saves the insurance company money.

No insurance company gives a hottie pattotie over my health.  My health is only a means to make them money.

And don't say, "They're getting a kick back from the CPAP people."  Where are they getting their money from?  People can't afford this thing out of pocket so it must be the insurance company.

Therefore there is real science here.

I know it is only the first day, but I am growlingly grumpy and in desperate need for a nap at 10am.


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