Happy Anniversary to me

On August 18th, 2016, I said goodbye to my wonderful friends and coworkers at the Town of Groton and headed out to a new, shiny adventure.

I have never been defined by other things.  They have been part of me, yes, but not what makes me, me.

I'm an Eagle Scout, Marine, AD&D Player, Sniper, Knight/Master, Lieutenant, Special Forces, SWAT, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence Liaison, Community Policing, Records, Accountant, Computer Geek/gamer, trekie, Writer, Classic Car owner, Cyclist, Black Belt, Backpacker, Archer, Comicbook Nerd and Scientist (tru fakt)

And now...



It is certainly a redefining moment but I suspect it still won't define me.  So much to do.

I've been at it a year and we're moving right along.  I have my first real audition last Wednesday where they go, "Go from being angry to sad... Action!"  And I did.  I may not get the part, but this is where you learn and train.  I could take a class but I think I would have to take a class first before taking a class.  But then, looking at some of the others, I think I could teach that class.

I still want this to slow the fuck down, not the adventure but the time.  A year.  I went to Florida three times, Disney once.  I took a train, a plane, went to Birka and Supercon.  I went to New York more times than I care too.  I'm learning how to save receipts for EVERYTHING and filing monthly state taxes, BASTARDS.  I'm learning about my local town government, BASTARDS.  

I cleaned and painted my deck, painted my house and barn.  Built an audio studio.  Sold copies of my books.  Met friends and distanced myself from not friends.

So much done in so little time.

Time to see what next year has in store!


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