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Hurtling through space, hurtling through time.

We are moving along at a brisk, 66,000 miles an hour, 292 times fast that the Bugatti Veron, 34 times faster than the F-35 Fighter Aircraft, and 6,000 times faster than my recumbent.

That is fast.

Yes, it is a painful crawl compared to the speed of light, a thrilling 670,616,629 miles an hour, but seriously, would you enjoy the scenery as much?

It is that time of year again. My seventieth time where I strip off all my clothes and walk out my front door. This really isn't much of a dare since no one can see me, The Shire being surrounded on all sides by woods, but it's my little thrill non-the-less. Yes, I'm rather vanilla, but their is no shame in that. Not everyone like the bukkake muffins and that is okay.

But it is a moment, a moment out of the 2,628,000 moments we have in a year to take stock of that year...

While standing naked in my backyard.

This year I wore sandals and my dog tags, and new this year, a hair tie. I have a pony tail.

I have been formally retired for just over one year now. I don't miss it a bit. It doesn't even feel odd. I do feel guilty and I make sure my day is packed with meaningful stuff, but guilt is guilt. I earned my retirement. I worked in underpaid jobs for 27 years for this reason. I stood on the front line of Freedom around the world with the Marines and on the front line of justice with the police, both rather dangerous places. Technically, I was in a war, but saying that is like saying I was in Viet-Nam while I never left the barracks in New Haven CT.

I was never shot at, thank God.

Here's the thing about lusting after action, the moment you get it you wish to be elsewhere, preferably action-free.

Well, you can keep it. I always fantasied about being the hero but it never happened.

I shit you not, I got an award once for my expert handling of a phone during a time of crisis. If that isn't hero material, what is?

I have a beard now, a Lovely Frans Joseph. This way no one confuses me with my brother who also has a beard.

I'm an actor now. I have a resume and I have been paid so that means it is a real job and I can add that to my list of things.

Truth is I'm busier than a long tailed cat in a room of full of rocking chairs.

And that's just it.

66,000 miles have gone by. 66,000 miles laid down behind me I won't get back.

66,000 miles further along on my journey.

I wouldn't mind for it to slow down, just a bit.

66,000 miles sounds so far away, a long arduous journey, but I just finished it. Done! On to the next 66,000 miles. I figure I have another 3,600,000 miles to go.

I wouldn't mind seeing 36,000,000 miles down the road. I imagine I'll need new shoes before then.

But this year alone I've been on Television, a couple movies, radio, met Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man, and by GOD he looks like eight million, easy, met so many interesting and wonderful people, traveled, had experiences,


And, God willing, I get to do it again!
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