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Con year

Comi-con! Gen-con! Creation-con! Con-con! Wrath of Con! By Fans for Fans with Fans because it gets hot in here and you'll need a lot of fans!

Come put your geek on!

Meet legends, meet the makers, meet your heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Comic books will come to life!

Oh, let it die already.

Hypocrisy at its finest. Lying, cheating sacks of shit. You've lost yer way! Forgotten the cause! Betrayed your kind. Outcast!

Christmas used to be magic. Mesmerized by the flashing lights of the Christmas tree and a little creeped out by We Three Kings of Orient Are. It held such wonder. Cons used to be like that. Stuff to see, people to see, toys and games and panels.

Christmas is now the Holiday Season and no one gives a shit if you've been good. Cons are now a money making scheme, much like the feudal system raising lords over us. All on the backs of the peasants, I mean, volunteers.

I blame, of course, the fans. Greedy, crumb-snatching, illiterate fans who want their content pre-chewed and sterilized. And listen, it's Cosplay, not fucking Halloween. Put a little thought into it, huh? No! You don't have to go out and BUY everything, and you don't have to become a FX master, just some thought, and get a mirror. I think a mirror would really help you out.

Check this kid out. I think he was 8 or 9.

Cardboard, spray paint and duct tape. I spoke to his mom who said they kid put the whole thing together. The circle on his chest, an old plastic Tupperware lid. Knee joints, coffee cup lids. The face, a cardboard cut out. Now that's cosplay. He had the C3PO walk down pat! It was brilliant!

One thing the really bugged me about cons in the 80's was everyone was bootlegging stuff. "I'm a fan but I'm okay with STEALING stuff." Here's an idea, why not support the writers and directors and producers trying to give you great stuff. Well, just frigging YESTERDAY, December 10th, two thousand and mother fucking seventeen, some mouth breather BRAGGED to me he was going to pick up a bootleg version of some show he was watching. REALLY? You pay thirty dollars to get into a con to by and blackmarket version of a program you could probably download legally for $2.99?

Well, I stammered and said something along the lines of, you could probably get it off of Amazon really cheap and he mumbled something I couldn't hear and wandered off, giggling and nose picking with his minion.

Running the Con. It takes A LOT OF WORK to run a con. I don't mind that guy gets a salary. But, if he(she) is getting paid, I expect professional service, ESPECIALLY if I'm paying close to $300 for a 6 foot table.

Gamer-Con $275
Conneticon $300
Super-Con $220
Phil-Con $160
SuperMegaFest $180
Wicked Fare $450-800. Really? Mother fucker? $450? FOR WHAT? A table?
And of course Gary-con. $90

Gary-Con. I was sold a bill of goods from that guy. This brings me to,


I never had given it much thought but cons are a bunch of friends who get organized and make a con happen. Friends, like husband and wife, like family, like brothers, fight. Sometimes irreparable damage occurs. That is what happened to Phil-Con. Pissy, pretentious, arrogant white misogynistic racists who thought Fiction could only be written by white old men couldn't get along with the idea of, "Why not have a black female author as our guest of honor" so they destroyed 80 years of fandom. This was the story I was told and in looking at what was being salvaged from Phil-con, that story made sense.

Gary-con was different. (here's what I heard) A bunch of guys who couldn't agree; okay, Gary packs up and makes his own Con. But his old buddies don't like the idea of competing with Gary so they sue him. During this time, one of them discovered that Gary hired a registered sex offender to be a photographer. He then starts a social media spiel calling Gary out on it. Gary foolishly doubles down defending they predator and torpedoes his own con. By time he comes to his senses the damage is done. He's already got my money and the money of all the venders, so it's no skin of his nose. Gary wins the law suit and thinks that somehow vindicates him from hiring a sex offender.

Gary Con had the highest percentage of kids I've seen at a con. At a minimum, he should have checked his paid staff on the sexual predator list. It's free. It was reckless of him and if a person had been harmed I think Gary would be culpable for it. But he didn't. Okay. When he was called on it, he shoulda cut the guy loose. Sure, the whistle blower's motives for calling this guy out may, MAY have alternate motives, but a lit fuse is still a lit fuse. He didn't cut the guy loose but instead tried to battle it out. Wow. A good general chooses his battlefield. Gary chose very poorly. Defending sexual predators while pushing a Kid's Event is not a good battlefield.

This brings me to a really sore spot with me. Sexual Predators. I'm all for injecting Drano into the testes, but I've been told that's Draconian. Okay, fine. But why are we the ones defending ourselves from predators?

Here is what isn't happening:

One, if you're on the list it's like parole. You have to check in with your parole officer and he gets to randomly spy on you to make sure you're telling the truth. If you're not in compliance, Drano to the testes.

There must be conditions on the order. Announcing someone is a predator and putting no conditions on the form is just confusing and frightening. Also, with no conditions, he CAN'T violate it. Nothing stops him from hanging out at the parking and watching your kids, or getting a job watching your kids. Why do I have to do a background check on anyone I meet? That's the parole officer's job!

If what this guy did is so slight there are NO conditions of the order, get rid of it. There you go, either no order or Drano to the Testes.

Yes, Marion Zimmer Bradly is a different kind of monster but we gotta start SOMEWHERE.

Hey! Here's an idea! GPS tracking bracelets! Wander too close to a school too many times, Drano to the Testes. DONE.

But back to cons. Some of these cons have 50-75 volunteers. Checking ALL of them would be problematic. And what about the fans? How many of them are sexual predators? All walking around looking at all that lovely spandex, how do we stop them? People get sexually assaulted at Cons, it happens and we need to STOP IT RIGHT BLODDY NOW! As in now, NOW. Yes, NOW, NOW.

Cosplay is not consent is a great start. It is about the fandom, not assaulting each other.

Jeez! I just wanna sell books.


That is the heart of Sci-Fi. It's the heart of all stories. It is the story that drives EVERYTHING. No writers, no nothing. NOTHING. Heck, even professional wrestlers need writers.

You would be surprised at the amount of people who said, "I don't read."

The saddest three words ever.

Here are some more bad words.

Without books, without stories, we're all fucked.


Buy a book and save your world.
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