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That time of year.

For you who have followed my LJ you should be familiar with my little tradition. In the fall, before the leaves are gone, I take off all my clothes and walk out the front door. I circle my house, looking at trees and my yard. Before doing this I unlock the back door incase of a needed hasty retreat. God forbid the Fed-Ex guy comes rolling down the driveway.

I do this because I can.

Once the leaves are gone there is a slim chance a neighbor might see me, so I have to time this while there is enough foliage. I'm not an exhibitionist. I'm just happy to live here in the Shire and enjoy my privacy.

It's my way of saying, "I own this another year. I'm lord of my little spot of land and damn-it, I'll walk naked if I want!"

I also make notes. Make sure the house is in proper order. Note how the grass is coming. Actually LOOK at the house.

This year, however, it was a little different. A little melancholy.

I used to look at the house for what needed done to keep it in good kit. But now I'm looking at it in value.

For when I sell it.

I knew the day would come when the winters became too much and a southern siren's call beckoned me, but I figured that was off in the future.

No more.

Connecticut taxes are crushing us.

We're paying over eight thousand dollars in taxes just for the house. Property taxes alone is 8 thousand dollars.


Now with our new governor we're to have tolls on top of that. CT is already one of the highest taxed states in the country and now we're adding a new road tax. That's what a toll is. A road tax.

CT isn't friendly to retirees. I have been at a Town Hall Meeting where a woman stood up and screamed, her voice stretched and pained: "Why are we paying you to stay at home! Why don't you collect Social Security like everyone else!"

I explained this in a previous post, but to surmise, I was underpaid for over twenty years. To remain loyal to you, you PROMISED to pay me a pension. I lived up to my end of the deal. Now, you want to break your word.

In truth, these are the same words uttered by our new governor. He too hates retirees. He likes our service, our work, but doesn't want to live up to the contract he signed.

A quick search showed I could save over seven thousand a year in taxes, enjoy a lower cost of living and have a bigger house with more land if I simply moved.

Well, you can make your voice heard at the ballot box.

You can also make your voice heard with a suitcase.
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